Awesome Home Styles of the Southwest

We’re back this week with more insight on homeownership in Phoenix, Arizona. There are plenty of unique options that you may not be familiar with, so I’m gonna break them down for you. 


Single Story vs. Two Story

Most people in Phoenix like to go for a single story layout. Let’s face it, stairs are the worst! More importantly, though, heat rises, so your higher floors will always be hotter.  Around Central Phoenix and the downtown area, the majority of homes will be one story. Further out from the city, you will find more two story homes. There’s really no right or wrong, though – it’s all about what works best for you and your family. 


Deco Homes 

If you appreciate some ‘50s, ‘60s or ‘70s influence in your home, you’re in the right place. Remember – we had an era of Frank Lloyd Wright and it still shines through in many homes. Especially in the Monroe area, most houses are ‘50s inspired deco homes. What I love about these homes is how they’re all unique. You won’t have the same house as your neighbor like you would in a typical suburb. 



Most of the condos in Phoenix are in uptown and downtown. If you’re checking out, you should make sure it has a pool . 


Town Homes

We have a variety of town homes as well. These fall between an apartment and a house. For example, you probably won’t have a dedicated parking garage, but you typically get your own yard. 


Horse Properties 

Another unique feature of Phoenix is horse properties! They’re not out in the middle of nowhere, either. There are plenty of horse properties within the city. You can ride your horse alongside a major freeway and even make your way into Old Town Scottsdale for a boujee dinner. 



There’s an abundance of land here in Phoenix to build your dream property on. The sky’s the limit with this, both inside and outside of the city. However, there are some detailed nuances about buying land in Phoenix. For example, you’ll want to make sure you survey the land in case you’re trying to build on a wash. 


Mobile Homes 

We’ve got a lot of options for mobile homes as well – these could be with axles, without axles; fixed, or not fixed. There’s different laws regarding pre-1976 mobile homes and the modern options. Mobile homes are ideal for snowbirds here for the winters or for newcomers in a transition period. I’ve seen plenty of 20-somethings rent out mobile homes for weeks just ‘cause they can! 


With this wide variety of home styles that all come with their own nuances, it can be pretty overwhelming to figure out what’s best for you. I’d love to help – just visit or call Brooks at  1-8555-SBN-SBN (726-726)! In the meantime, check out our relocation guide for more information on moving to Arizona: 




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