The Cost of Living in Denver vs. Phoenix!

It’s time to talk about the numbers between the difference between the cost of living between Denver and Phoenix. 


What’s it really going to cost? Overall, the cost of living is 24% MORE in Denver than in Phoenix. 


In terms of buying a house, the average list price for a home in Denver is $395,000. In Phoenix? Only $231,000. Plus, your money goes a lot further in Phoenix. 


Living Expenses

Entertainment and other miscellaneous expenses are also an average of 2.7% more in Denver. Food and grocery costs are nearly 5% more! Wouldn’t you want to save that money or spend it on other fun activities? By the way, our relocation guide has everything you need to know about things to do in Phoenix. 


There are a lot more reasons why you should consider moving from Denver to Phoenix. Click the link below to get in touch with one of the Snowbird Nation Team Members and continue that conversation. In the meantime, remember – only you can make your real estate dreams take flight.





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